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Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzi, a swindle artist in Afghan's election

He was born in 1949, in Logar province in Afghanistan. His father had worked in many senior capacities, under monarchy of King Zahir Shah. His family is an influential family among tribes of Ahmadzai with affiliation to Ahmadzai Kochi tribe. His family has substantial large piece of agricultural lands in Logar, and basically, he was raised with an agricultural experience of his family farm: where  his family earned bulk of their wealth by means of farming.

I categorized his most important un-pragmatic weaknesses, for leadership of Afghanistan.

Ghani’s first failure- He is ready to, debate for building a modern Afghanistan-an empty slogan without knurl of practical cohesiveness.

From 2001 to 2014, Ashraf Ghani Ahamdzai has been worked in various capacities, in government of Hamid Karzai. He never advised Karzai that Afghanistan is an agricultural hub in order to create an economic engine of agricultural sustainability of jobs for millions of Afghans, in order to craft an export-oriented agricultural state. His experience in world bank could have made him enough competent to recognize his country’s number one need to create jobs and a strong economy.

 He completed his primary and secondary education in Habibia High School, in Kabul. Graduating from Habibia, Ashraf Ghani got a scholarship in American university in Lebanon and earned his bachelor degree in Anthropology, in 1973. Returning to Afghanistan, in 1974, soon he won a scholarship at Columbia University to study for his master, and finally he attained his Ph.D. at Columbia University, and took six years to earn it.

In 1983, he was hired as assistant teacher at University of California, Berkeley, and eventually he joined Johns Hopkins University, from 1983 to 1991.

 Ghani’s second failure-Ashraf Ghani was one of the key element of Afghanistan’s nationalist party, Afghan Milat, (Afghan Nation) mostly Pushtun sub-tribes of main Waziri tribe, a third tribe of Pushtuns, ranked behind Durani and Ghalzai tribes. Further, in this article, I analyze all the tribes of Pushtuns and it would be unambiguous that Ashraf Ghani is not a Ghalzai Pushtun, and his assertion of being a Ghalzai is nothing but a campaign of gaining votes from Ghalzai’s Pushtun. Most of his views on Afghan print and electronic media portrayed his hidden agendas of a nationalist pushtun, who wants to reach to power by any means.


Ghani’s third failure- Ashraf Ghani, in 1991, hired by the world bank as coordinator of economic program and  human geography,  and he worked for world bank for eleven years. His main focus was in East Asia- China, Philippine, Russia, Cambodia, and Vietnam- in regard to articulation of world bank policies toward human development and economic wellbeing of developing countries, in that region. In China, the agricultural transformation started in early 90”s, and Chinese model of agricultural expansion transformed China from small farms of family farming all over China to one of the most powerful developed export oriented agricultural country in the world. The marshal plan of land reforms and government backing of Chinese farms composed modern China that can feed over a billion of its population inside China and to export its products all over the world. Does Ashraf Ghanni formulate a marshal plan of agricultural revolution in Afghanistan, after he wins the second round of election? His unawareness of Afghanistan’s fundamental economic disquiet for the last 14 years is the bona fide answer to the people of Afghanistan. He is eloquent in elaboration of crafting virtual ideas, but he is not being up to snuff to perform practically. According to his self decree, “he spent five years in China, India, and Russia managing large-scale development and institutional transformation projects. Whilst at the World Bank Dr Ghani attended the Harvard-INSEAD and Stanford business schools leadership training program” His involvement, since 2001, in Afghanistan, has been a total colossal failure in governing, economy, tussle on corruptions, lawlessness, transit and trade, social policies, women rights, and the craftsmanship of his higher educations polices, while he was the  president of Kabul University, that today Afghanistan has the highest college graduates without jobs, whom after graduation migrate to neighbouring countries, as far as Greece and Australia for minimum wages for survival.


Ghani’s fourth failure-  His alliance with Karzai second Vice President, Karim Khalili, was a staid mistake and that pick of his second Vice President, Sarwar Danished, was a political blow to Hazara’s  of Afghanistan who consider Khalili and his distended group as a pictogram of shame, dishonesty, corruption, betrayal to its own people, and his past leader Abdul Ali Mazari.

Khalili’s blemished stance for Hazara’s rights was a grimed bigotry of minority political invidious that took Hazaras at the brim of immense catastrophe-genocide by Taliban, and the destruction of giant Buddha’s statues. Khalili left Bamyan, in 1996, by his private airplane headed to Iran, where he was treated as an unwelcomed failed emissary. Once he said, and swore to Quran, at the funeral of Abdul Ali Mazari that he would never makeover with Ahmad Shah Massoud, but soon after his humiliation by the government of Iran he joined Massoud, In Khawja Bahwoodin,   in Takhar province. What a great alliance of Ghani-Khalili!!!!!!

Ghani’s second Vice President is an icon of hate to women of Afghanistan, especially to Hazara’s women. In 2009, he crafted a law called, Shia’s family law, here is the content of the law.

Shia Family Law is a law of Afghanistan that was approved in February 2009 with Afghan President Hamid Karzai's signature. A portion of the law pertaining to sexual relations between husband and wife has made international headlines. The United Nations Development Fund for Women, NATO, Canada, United States, Germany and other nations have come forward asking for a review of the law as it is felt that it oppresses Shiite women, taking away many of their rights in a marital relationship. Most controversially, Article 132 specifies that Shia women are required to sexually submit to their husband's demands, and are expected to have intercourse with their husband at least once every four days except in case of illness, in what has been described as spousal rape.” Does Ashraf Ghani get the votes of women of Afghanistan, the other half of Afghan nation? By picking a man who crafted the legal rape law. Ghani must apologize from women of Afghanistan by picking such a vice president.


Ghani’s fifth failure- He claims that his hand is not tainted with the blood of Afghans, for the last 36 years. His uncle General Shapoor Ahmadzai was the strategist of communist military coup in 1978, Parcham Faction. He has asserted that the communists imprisoned his uncle in Pul-e-Charkhi prison and they killed him. In fact, his uncle was involved in another military coup to topple the Khalq Faction. The coup was led by General kadir, General Rafae, and General Shapoor Ahmadzai ( Ghani’s Uncle) from Parcham faction, under the leadership of Babrak Karmal. General Shapoor Ahmadzai was a die heart communist Purchami who was starving for power.

“Following the ousting of the Taliban in late 2001, Dr Ghani was asked to serve as Special Adviser to Ambassador Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN Secretary General’s special envoy to Afghanistan, the man who wanted to save the life of Dr. Najibulla Ahmadzai, with the coordination of Ashraf Ghani to save his fellow tribe’s man, another Ahmadzai whose hands was taninted with bloods of millions of Duranies and Ghalzaies Pushtunes in the south and north of Afghanistan.

In that capacity, Dr Ghani returned to Afghanistan and worked on the design, negotiation and implementation of the Bonn Agreement, which set out the roadmap for transition to a new government based on popular consent. This was another blow to the knurl of Duranies and Gulzaies’ tribes in order to bankrupt them from participation in the political process of a modern Afghanistan, Ghani’s fake blue print.

During the Interim Administration, Dr Ghani served, on a pro bono basis, as Chief Adviser to Interim President Karzai. In this capacity, he worked on the preparation of the Loya Jirgas (grand assemblies) that elected president Karzai and approved the constitution.” This constitution was the penchant of Ashraf Ghani’s dreams to dismantle the consent of Afghan nation, specially Duranies and Ghalzaies tribes, not to have a shout on the despotic mind-set of President on any affair, a tyrannical barmy man, as we glimpsed after the orchestration of the Loya Jirga, and its keenness to sign the security agreement with the United States. As key Advisor to President Karzai, Ghani fooled around Karzai as a jailbird not to sign the agreement, and this was a blow to the fellow Durani tribes, and he orchestrated the melody of Shakespearian drama inside the Erg Palace, (once he accused Karzai on this melody, in his last bid for presidency and now he has acted upon Karzai with cleverness to catch the attention of Taliban, on the side of Afghan government, whom belong to the majority of Ghalzaies’ tribe and pilfer their votes as embody of Ghalzaies, while he is not a Ghalzai Pushtune) as his so-called brother Dr. Najibulla did to his fellow comrades, after 1986, when he became president of Afghanistan. Dr. Najjibulla, as some people, in Kabul, consider him as a true patriotic Pushtune, he was not. He killed more than one and a half millions of Duraies and Ghalzaies Pushtunes in Afghanistan, since invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union. He even reached to the emblem of kill and destruction, General Abdul Rashid Dostum, to kill more Galzies and Duranies; because he was Ahmadzai not a Durani, not a Ghalzai. At the end of 1988, when Soviet Union pulled its troops from Afghanistan, Dr. Najib, already had dismantled Duranies and Ghalzaies from Afghan army and his core commanders were from his own tribes (Ahmadzai, Shinwaries, Solomankhail, Waziries subtribes of Kochies and his agents in Mehsood tribes inside Pakistan, in south Waziristan and North Waziristan) and Tadjik, Ozbec, Hazaras, Turkmen, and Ismaeli’s Hazaras ( His peace with Said Mansoor Naderie in his days of power was just a tactical scheme to shut the flow of arms reaching to Khrothi sub-tribes of Ghalzaies in Kundoz, Bagghlan, Takhar, and Balkh province during his reign. Later he named Kyan Valley as Russian Brothel, and it was the gift of Dr. Najib to Ismaelis in Kyan Valley.

I wouldn’t want to unlock the dark mindset of Dr. Najib at this critical tick cadence of Afghanistan’s politics, but I am afraid of our history which is at the brink of gargantuan repetition, if we don’t brood over the past 36 years of calamities in Afghanistan.

Ghani’s sixth failure- Ashraf Ghani, claims that his hand is not tainted with Afghan blood, but he has a first Vice President whom his hands are tainted with blood of tens of thousands of Ghalzies and Duranies Pushtunes since reign of Dr. Najibulla to tumble of Taliban, the emissaries of Punjabies of Pakistan, according to Dostum past avertions. Dostum killed more than 20 thousands foot soldiers of Taliban in the North, after 9/11 attack on US soil by Al-Queda. Among them between 12 to 15 thousans belonged to Ghalzaies and Duranies’ tribes of Pushtunes. In fact, Ghani’s hands are not stained with blood, but he hired a slaughterer, Dostum, to kill and decimate his own fellow Ghalzies, as he claims, he is one of them. Here is his state on his first Vice President, General Abdul Rashid Dostum, on August 20th, in London Times Newspaper.


“This week he (Karzai) even welcomed General Abdul Rashid Dostum, a known killer back to Afghanistan to endorse his re-election bid. Not only does Mr.  Karzai lack a coherent strategy to stabilise the state, but also, he lacks the will and legitimacy among the people to do so, his above article, in London Times.”  What a clown demagogue is Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. Hadn’t his Ahmadzai tribeman, Dr. Najibullah, rented Dostum to kill Durranies and Ghalzaes during his reign? Ghani is an Ahmadzai and ready to kill and maim his so-called brothers in the south or make deal to tame them by Punjabies.

Ghani’s seventh failure-  As Afghanistan’s Finance Minister for the duration of the Transitional Administration, Dr Ghani is widely credited with the design and implementation of some of the most extensive and difficult reforms of the period.

 This must be a heavenly joke. A man who formatted Afghanistan economics’ map to the brim of total misfortune. Didn’t he know that Pakistan wanted this scenario from the beginning of US invasion? So let me ask a question. Who is the driving force of ISI agendas in Afghanistan? Who is responsible for Afghanistan not reforming agricultural sector? Who is accountable for Afghanistan energy crises? who is responsible for Afghanistan banking crises, trade, transits, housing, overpopulation of cities, corruption’s upheavals, economical forced migrations, tensions among afghans ethnicities, and who is fetching a known killer (Dostum) in his ticket to steal votes from ethnic Uzbic, Ismaelies, Turkmen, and some unacquainted Ghalzaies’s moron who has had invested on unawareness of millions of Ghalzaies for the last 36 years? This man is Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai a known conniver who has employed a killer with two edged sword in his hand (Dostum) to kill his own Pushtune, because he has been dehydrated for power and ready to do anything to clutch the presidency of Afghanistan.

Now, the collapse of Kabul bank, $850 million, stealing of this nation economical breathing, directly related to the policy of transitional government, and Ashraf Ghani, as a first finance minister, paved the pathway of this financial collapse in Afghanistan’s banking system. How?

He has worked in world bank, let us consider he has been a full-size injection to bring stability in the banking system of China, Philippine, Cambodia, Indonesia, and some African countries, but in his own country, he has been a total descent. As a head of treasury, he was responsible to licenses were gave to newly established banks (especially Kabul Bank), but as an expert of financial live wire, he never had parameters to regulate and monitor daily activities of private banks; therefore, he has been a failed managers in Afghanistan financial system. Now, he wants to be the CEO of the nation with his unsuccessfully accomplishments of his past recitals. I think he is a sick man, like his fellow Ahmmadzai, Dr. Najibullah Ahmadzai, who hired a rental killer, Dostum, to kill Duranies and Ghalzaies to snatch presidency of Afghanistan.

He said recently, he extremely disliked his own brother, Hashmat Ghani Ahmadzai, the fake Kochi’s leader, but instead, his real brother is Sarwar Danisth. Just look at this clip and return back to the article after watching it. Before, you see this clip, I found another fool, Aziz Royiesh, the head of cultural affairs of Abdul Ali Mazari from 1992-1996. This fool leech has joined in the crusade of Rola Ahmadzai to collect votes from Hazaras for this racially prejudiced man. Watch it.

I, really didn’t want to go into the details of ethnic fabric of Afghan nation, but what, I have reserved for a long moment in time is not enough to gulp down the genuineness of millions of Pushtunes whom have been killed in the hand of his fellow so-called Pushtunes.

 Examples: 2 millions have been killed in the last 36 years, 5 millions are refugees of this nonsense war, thousands of madrassas have been established in Pakistan to wear suicidal hides from view to kill their own pushtune’s brothers, tens of thousands of their tribal leaders have been assassinated in Northwest frontier of Pakistan for interest of Punjabies, and this candidate, Ashraf Ghani, wants to bring solidarity, justice, security, and legality to save Afghanistan’s future , without any popularity among his own Pushtunes who argue Ghani has hired a militia, just like Dr. Najibullah did, that at the end he was dangled by afflicted Ghalzaies. Now let us brood over about Ahmadzai sub-tribe of main Wazir Pushtune tribe, but before this, I want to commence on the two main tribes of Pushtunes, Duranies, and Ghalzaies.

The Duranies’ tribes:

The Durrani Tareen tribe is divided into two branches, Panjpai and Zirak. Durrani tribes of the Zirak branch include Popalzai, Alikozai, Barakzai, Badozai, and Achakzai.

The Panjpai branch are mainly found in the western Kandahar, Helmand and Farah area, and they include Alizai, Noorzai, Ishakzai or Sakzai, Khogyani(Khakwani), and Maku.

The Ghalzie’s tribes:

According to Minhaj al-Siraj Juzjani, a 13th-century historian, "there were over 15 great Khalji personalities who ruled from 1203 A.D. onwards over India and were spreading Khorasanian and Islamic culture all over northern India and the highlands of North Bengal. The Lodi dynasty ruled over the Delhi Sultanate during its last phase. The dynasty, founded by Bahlul Khan Lodi ruled from 1451 to 1526 when the last Lodi ruler, Ibrahim Lodi died. Other Ghilzai dynasties included the Suri dynasty that was founded by the powerful medieval conqueror, Sher Shah Suri (Shere Khan), who defeated the Mughal Emperor Humayun in Chausa in June 1539 and again in Bilgram in May 1540. Other tribes of Ghalzaies are: Kuchi people, Khalaj people, Tokhi, TanoliNiazi, Lohani, Povindah Gill (clan), Mahbub, Ali, Toorkoosi, Meryani Jamalkhail, Nakhail, Noraskhail, Kharoti, Sulaimankhail, Meherbankhail, Khankhail, Badenkhail, Hottak, Niamatkhail, Wrashminkhail, Malakhail, Moolkhail and the largest tribe of Ghalzie is Khroti tribe.

The Waziri tribes of Pushtunes;

The Wazirs or Waziris (Pashto: وزير‎) are a Pashtun tribe found in Pakistan on its border with Afghanistan. The tribes comprise two geographically separate subgroups and are found in the Waziristan region that takes its name from them. The Utmanzai are settled in the North Waziristan Agency and the Ahmadzai are in the South Waziristan Agency Those subgroups are in turn divided further, for example into Utmanzai tribes such as the Bakka Khel and Jani Khel

The common ancestor of the Ahmadzai and Utmanzai is believed by them to be the eponymous Wazir, who is also ancestor to the Mehsud tribe that has since taken a distinct and divergent path. Some western ethnologists consider them to be of Rajput origin, probably being a mix of an Indian race and some non-Indian blood, perhaps of Scythian or Tatar ethnicity, (ancestor of Uzbeck tribe of Afghanistan, Ghani’s affiliation with General Dostum related to his race with Tatar’s race, than acclimation of being Galzaie, an Arian race in Afghanistan)  Although, the Utmanzai and Mehsud tribes have a traditional rivalry and live in geographically distinct regions, the Ahamdzai and Mehsud communities co-exist peacefully and many head men are connected by marriage

The Ahmadzai tribe, they form one of the two major branches of the Wazir tribe, with the other being the Utmanzai of North Waziristan Agency. The common ancestor of the Ahmadzai and Utmanzai is the eponymous Wazir, who is also ancestor to the Mehsuds who have since taken a distinct and divergent path.

The tribe is Sunni Muslims of the Hanafi sect, although not particularly strict in observance of their religious beliefs. It is possible that some have come under the influence of the Deobandi sect, followers of those who, in recent year, have become active in areas where the tribe lives, according to Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

Ghani’s eight failure,  bid for Afghan Presidency:

1.Ghanis’ assertion of being a Ghalzaies’ Pushtun is a lie, example:

The common ancestor of the Ahmadzai and Utmanzai is believed, by them, to be the eponymous Wazir who is also ancestor to the Mehsud tribe, that has since taken a distinct and divergent path. Through Wazir, the tribes trace their origins to Karlanri and thence to the founder of the Ahmadzai’s Pashtun lineage, Qais Abdur Rashid.

In Afghan tradition, Qais was born in Ghor ( later in history, another famous son of Ghori’s Dynasty, the most famous of Ghorie’s dynastt was Alawooding Ghorie “famous as Jahansooz”) province of Afghanistan. Upon hearing about the advent of Islam, his tribe sent him to Medina in modern day Saudi Arabia. He met the Prophet Muhammad and embraced Islam there, and was given the name Abdur Rashid by the Prophet. He then returned to the region of Afghanistan and introduced Islam to his tribe. In legend the famous military leader and companion of Muhammad, Khalid ibn al-Walid, introduced Qais Abdur Rashid to the Prophet, totally, different to the traditions of Pushtuns as an Arian race of Afghanistan with a 7000 thousands history in Afghanistan.

The Afghan historians proceed to relate that the children of Israel (Ahmadzai tribe lineage of Wazir tribe,) both in Ghor and in Arabia, preserved their knowledge of the unity of God and the purity of their religious belief, and that on the appearance of the last prophet and messenger, Prophet Muhammad, the Afghans of Ghor listened to the invitation of their Arabian brethren, the chief of whom was Khalid ibn al-Waleed, so famous for his conquest of Syria, and marched to the aid of the true faith, under the command of Qais, afterwards surnamed "Abdul Rasheed.

However, the account in which the Afghans were introduced to Prophet Muhammad by Khalid ibn al-Waleed is probably without any historical foundation according to scholars like Thomas Walker Arnold.

2. He asserts he stabilized the currency of Afghanistan, when he became Afghanistan’s finance minister after Tokyo’s conference. The conference pumped $5 billion to Afghan’s economy and that was the main propel of Afghanistan’s currency’s stabilization, six month before he became Afghanistan’s finance minister. He lies with barefaced intention of no shame.

3. He appointed Dostum as his vice president to save Afghanistan’s unity. In fact, he has his own tribesman, a killer of Pushtunes, as he wrote in London Times, as I documented clearly in this article.

3.  As a finance minister, he says, he modernized Afghanistan costumes’ to collect import duties on goods. In fact, he supported more crooks into the system, rather than to collect taxes. He said, he found the foundation of a computerized duty system in finance ministry, unfortunately, Mahmood Karzai, President Karzai’s brother, called Ashraf Ghani’s glove-puppet, Omar Zakhilwas, a notorious thief of history, on 6/8/2014.

4. He said he will make Charkala of Wazir Abad a model town in the center of Capital; while his boss brother, Mahmood Karzai, build a city in Ayno Miana of kandahar, a model city like European city,  with every amenities that a family needs in Afghanistan, Ghani talks, no action, he lies. He never has the will, or the talent to experiment, he blatantly lies.

5. He held debate with Afghan’s universities students now to eliminate corruptions and bring young and educated afghan to run his administration, if he succeeded. He never knew this trend for the last 13 years. He is a clown of Afghan’s history, if he claim now, look at his two vice Presidents, a Buzkash killer, and a notorious misogynist, Sarwar Danish.

He claims, he will change, Badakshan to a trade and transit center in central Asia, but he never said a word when the biggest natural disaster took the lives of so many Badakhshies in Argo District a month ago, he didn’t care, because he is a lier.

6. He says he is an Afghan, a Ghalzaie’s Pushtun, but his ancestor goes to Wazir tribe, directly lineaged  to Ghories Dynasties’s  of Afghanistan, connected to Tatars, and the Uzbek lineage of Tatar’s legend, Abdul Rashid Dostum who is his running mate. Therefore a vote for Ashraf Ghani is a vote Against, Durani, against Ghalzaie, against Tajik, against Hazara, and Against all Afghans with 7000 years of history.

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